4 Reasons To Choose Designer Radiatorsdesigner radiators

Ever wonder how to give your newly bought home an effective heating system providing some much needed warmth and comfort? Designer radiator is the way to go when you need that stylish and efficient home heating solution in times of crisp and cold weather. It is efficient and durable and costs less than under floor heating systems. You will be surprised by how much space you can save. Designer radiators can also give that dramatic look in any room you’re looking for.

Stylish Yet Functional

You will be pleased to know that all designer radiators you will find are very efficient. They can keep your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even your bathroom warm even during the most severe cold weather. This will mainly depend on the materials used. Designer radiators are made from aluminum or stainless steel that will provide you with great efficiency. This material is better than other traditional materials used – the reason being is that these aluminum or stainless steel materials are known to be very reliable when it comes to energy conduction.

Modern radiators are also made of stone, glass, and chrome that are sure to be effective as well. What’s more, they can double as a statement piece that will give your guests something to admire and talk about.

Cost Effective

Doubtful that these will not give you your money’s worth? No need to worry, as designer radiators are very durable. The impressive creation of each radiator is built to last for several years. While most appliances depreciate in value and turn old and rusty over time, designer radiators will get better as they age.

Designer radiators are the best when you are tightening your belt. According to an article by Simon Hall, you can save from those big expenses for you can re-use existing pipe work. Also, you don’t need to change your existing floor tiles. In addition to that, you do not need to install an expensive under floor system. Just imagine the amount of money you can save. You don’t have to destroy your most precious floor tiles just to enjoy an efficient heating solution at home. Furthermore, it will save you from the inconvenience, time and costs associated with under floor heating system.

Space Saver

Do you lack space in your room? Have you always wanted to put that couch in a particular area but your radiator is in the way? This wouldn’t be an issue any longer. Designer radiators come in a variety of designs that will suit your needs. You can buy one with only four vertical slim tubes, perfect for your space saving needs. Most people wouldn’t mind giving it much thought but a vertical radiator for your beloved home will surely provide you that stylish yet space saving design that you’ve been looking for.

You can also squeeze a designer radiator in small spaces and the tightest of spots. These designer radiators come in a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. This is yet another reason to consider buying one. You can actually pick from the widest range of sizes and styles, and you’re sure to find the perfect radiator that complements the overall style of your home.

For people with conventional tastes, the perfectly slim line shaped radiator will look great in your living room, while still providing effective heat and warmth that every home needs. You will be at ease that these designer radiators will be perfectly positioned to that little space which will also add style and elegance to any room.

Elegant Designs

Interested in finding a heating system that doesn’t look like one? Designer radiators can be your best choice. The designs in the market are particularly amazing. The range of these designer radiators nowadays is stunningly beautiful without compromising the quality.

You can enjoy a stylish design of a work of art that will go perfectly with the theme of your house. It can be an original piece with fancy shapes which conveys elegance and simplicity depending on your choice. It will certainly add that artistic look that you’re hoping for.

Others may offer sophisticated styles holding an unusual look that will bring a dramatic feeling to your space. There are also designer radiators that have a reflecting finishing which can function as mirrors in your home. Some may come in the form of curtain waves that can match the drapes in your house. With modern innovations in terms of style and function, designers have come up with uncommon designs that will virtually disappear into the rest of your home décor. This effort to move away from conventional styles is one of the most compelling reasons why a great number of homeowners choose designer radiators and radiator valves.

Coils, pipes towel rails and paneling are just some of the contemporary styles that radiators offer nowadays. This can vary depending on the desire of the homeowner. You can decide how this will go with your furniture at home. A great example is designer radiators for the children’s playroom or bedroom; it is possible to buy a designer radiator in animal shapes. Wouldn’t it be just awesome to know that you hit two birds with one stone? Imagine how delightful your children will be when they see one while providing the comfort they need during a cold weather.


Ultimately, having designer radiators as well as heated towel rails will raise the overall value of your home. They are efficient, durable, low-cost, and stylish without compromising the quality and function of your home’s heating system. Be it for your own use or a gift to others, a designer radiator can increase the comfort level in any home while enhancing its appearance at the same time. Without a doubt, it’s a worthwhile investment that any homeowner should definitely consider.